A Day with illumama

Unleash young children’s talents with travel experiences

illumama Debby is a world explorer. Before she became a mother, she was an airline stewardess immensely interested in traveling. Her exploration slowed down since the birth of her dearest sons. Despite this, with the support of her family, Debby could still occasionally enjoy her romantic couple trips with her husband. While her two young children were growing up, each of her trips was complimented with their tiny footprints that brought only a kind of irreplaceable warmth.

Debby advocates sharing her travel experiences with her sons. She inspires their curiosity by visually stimulating them with postcards and photos, and telling them her numerous fun travel anecdotes. She unleashes their talents of exploring the world by leaving space for her young sons’ imagination in the travel itineraries, and encouraging them to be her co-planners. This not only makes each forthcoming trip more anticipatory, but also keeps the young children curious as always. This expands their global vision.

Inspired by Human Milk. Science to Unleash the Innate Talent.

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