Precious Affinity Story


HUMAN AFFINITY® A2 β-casein Milk Formula

Mother always look for the best for their precious baby among all the options out there. ILLUMA® specially selects the precious milk source to develop the HUMAN AFFINITY® A2 β-casein Milk Formula, unleashing babies' innate talents.


A rare and precious A2 milk source#
Pure and Reliable

The preciousness of A2 cows lies in their original purity. In antiquity, only the A2 type of β-casein protein was found in cow’s milk worldwide.
Over 5000 years ago, a gene mutation caused some dairy cows to not purely produce A2 β-casein, but A1 β-casein also.
One research shows A2 cows only account for 30% among all cows^. It is precious and rare.

To ensure the milk source came exclusively from A2 cows, up to 8 years time is needed from breeding to selection.
In addition, the ILLUMA® ATWO™ milk source will go through a stringent DNA test to ensure the quality of purity is reliable.


* Casein protein (including A2 β-casein): 1.7g/100mL, sn-2 Palmitate: 0.34g/100mL

# Refers to skim milk in the formula

^ Study findings showed there was only 30% opportunity to be the pure A2 type cows among the sample of 1230 cows (Source: Massella E et al. Ital J Food Sci. 2017;6:6904.)