Organic Affinity Story

ILLUMA Organic, replicating nature and giving back its true essence with uncompromising spirit, specially designed the organic purity dedicated for babies, preserving their precious innate purity

Organic Purity Dedicated for Babies

Organic Milk Source

Newborn cows are preferably fed with natural maternal milk and drink clean water, establish pure nutrient from the source

Organic Formula

No added hormone, pesticide and chemical fertilizers during production,

Organic Farm+

3 years conversion period in organic farm

+ The organic milk is sourced from organic farms

EU Organic Certified by IOA, an accredited organic certifying body in Ireland

Most moms agree that ILLUMA® Organic is the most HUMAN AFFINITY organic brand.

*According to the face-to-face street intercept survey conducted by Kantar between Oct and Dec 2020. Respondents were moms aged between 25 and 45 with aged 0-7 kids. They need to be a decision maker of infant milk formula and feed their child with milk formula at least once a day. 668 moms were surveyed.