Ireland "Example of Quality Product"

Plentiful natural resources

The former Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food & the Marine of Ireland, Simon Coveney has visited our production plant in Ireland last year. He is impressed by the commitment to the highest-standard of the plant. He even wrote a letter to recognize ILLUMA® as "Example of Quality Product" from Ireland.

Ireland is ranked no.1 in global food safety performance1.
Recognized as "Example of Quality Product" from Ireland2
Certified Member of Origin Green3.

Ireland has a temperate maritime climate with no extreme temperatures throughout the four seasons. Together with abundant rainfall, the country has become an ideal cradle for various plants to grow. This is why the land in Ireland is covered by green plants, which earns it the name of "Emerald Isle".

The sufficient rainfall in Ireland also turns out to be a huge advantage that contributes to the creation of a favourable natural environment. In a world of fresh-water scarcity, research from Cranfield University in the UK shows that Ireland has one of the lowest water-stress measurements in the world. The ample fresh water resources offer a stable and reliable water source for the usage of the food and drink industry.

The whole production procedure of ILLUMA® takes place in Ireland, utilizing the plentiful natural resources there.

As a country exporting worldwide to 130 countries, Ireland has a long history of Food Safety law. As a member of the European Union (EU), Ireland’s national food safety legislation meets the European Union standard and covered all divisions of the food industry.

ILLUMA®, produced in and imported from Ireland, follows the strict standard of Ireland food safety regulation to provide safe products for mothers and their children.

1 According to 2014 Food Safety Conference Board of Canada Report

2 Recognition from the Ireland Government

3 Initiative by Irish Food Board, and Wyeth Nutrition is a member of Origin Green