Human Affinity® Maternal Formula Milk Powder
Suitable for Preconception, Pregnant & Lactating Women

Provide nutrition support from pregnancy stage to get prepare for lactation after delivery1, ILLUMCARE® Human Affinity® Maternal Formula Milk Powder is an advanced maternal formula developed from the experts at Wyeth Nutrition.

Get well prepared for nutrition starting from pregnancy until lactating

ILLUMCARE® Human Affinity® Maternal Formula provide nutrition support from pregnancy stage to get prepared for lactation after delivery1. It contains Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate and A2 β- casein milk source#, it is also a low fat formula4 which helps mothers to manage their weight during pregnancy and lactating stages5,6,*.


ILLUMCARE® Human Affinity® Maternal Formula contains a unique combination of:

Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate Study has shown that Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate exhibits higher bioavailability^, the absorption rate is about double of the common form of iron (Ferrous Sulfate)2+.
A2 β-casein milk source #Study has shown that adults drinking milk containing A2 β-casein only were less likely to report gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms, such as bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal pain when compare with people drinking milk containing A1 & A2 β-casein3.
Low fat formula4 Help moms to manage their weight during pregnant and lactating stages5,6,*.
Important vitamins and minerals and ingredients that support mother and child's needs
  • Vitamin D & Calcium can help bone health.
  • Choline, Folic acid, Iodine, Iron and Zinc support baby’s brain development.
  • Zinc, Vitamins A, C and E help support mother’s immune functions.

^ Bioavailability defined as the absorption and utilization of a nutrient.
+ The study in adults (n=74) has been proven in terms of the absorption rate after eating bread added with different iron format. The results showed that the adsorption rate of Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate was about twice higher than Ferrous Sulfate (P < 0.05).
* Together with a balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle.



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    PER 100g
Energy 能量 kcal 340 166
Protein 蛋白質 g 22.5 11.0
Fat 脂肪 g 6.0 2.9
DHA 二十二碳六烯酸 mg 80 39
Available Carbohydrates 可獲得的碳水化合物 g 49.0 24.0
Sugars 糖 g 48.8 23.9
Soluble Dietary Fiber (as inulin)
水溶性膳食纖維 (菊糖)
g 12.7 6.2
Moisture 水分 g 3.0 211
Ash 灰分 g 6.8 3.3
Choline 膽鹼 mg 184 90
Vitamin A 維他命 A mcg RE 420 206
β-Carotene β-胡蘿蔔素 mcg 105 51
Vitamin D 維他命 D mcg 5.4 2.6
Vitamin E 維他命 E mg α-TE 6.9 3.4
Vitamin K 維他命 K mcg 38 19
Vitamin B1 維他命 B1 mg 0.64 0.31
Vitamin B2 維他命 B2 mg 0.63 0.31
Vitamin B6 維他命 B6 mg 0.98 0.48
Vitamin B12 維他命 B12 mcg 2.4 1.2
Niacin 煙酸 mg 5.7 2.8
Folic Acid 葉酸 mcg 327 160
Pantothenic Acid 泛酸 mg 5.2 2.5
Vitamin C 維他命 C mg 61 30
Calcium 鈣 mg 548 268
Phosphorus 磷 mg 380 186
Magnesium 鎂 mg 34 16
Iron 鐵 mg 8.5 4.2
Zinc 鋅 mg 5.8 2.9
Manganese 錳 mcg 1440 705
Iodine 碘 mcg 40 20
Sodium 鈉 mg 260 127
Potassium 鉀 mg 600 294
Chloride 氯 mg 230 113


  1. RE= Retinol Equivalent 視黃醇當量
  2. α-TE = α-Tocopherol Equivalent α -生育酚當量