ILLUMA® believes in the magical power of human milk. With infinite pursuit of human affinity, we have been keeping at the leading edge, replicating as nature intended with revolutionary technologies.

Human Affinity® formula

ILLUMA® Human Affinity® formula, with the world’s first & only Bioactive “HMO+ Complex”. Breakthrough in HMO boundary with 2 types of HMO and revolutionarily added MOS, achieving unprecedented human affinity.

Bioactive Power

Fully activate babies’ inner power comprehensively. This unrevealed force helps strengthen babies inner growth, so that they can Be Bold and Go Beyond. Unleash Innate talent.

ILLUMA® Upgraded Human Affinity® Formula with 2 types of HMO and revolutionarily added MOS

2 Types of HMO's

Only ILLUMA® converges two types of HMOs (2’-FL and LNnT) Structurally identical to the ingredients in lactating secretion


Only ILLUMA® added MOS MOS contains innate levels of sialyllactose. Human milk contains sialyllactose.

Convergence of Bioactive Affinity Ingredients

Release Trio Inner Power


* HMO+Complex contains 2'-Fucosyllactose(2'-FL) 0.026g/100mL, Lacto-N-neotetraose(LNnT)

0.013g/100mL (Both are HMO, not from human milk) and Other Oligosaccharides 0.68g/100mL