A Day with illumama

Groove in Music, Dance with Confidence to Unleash Infinite Talent

In the eye of illumamas, every move of their children is a piece of irreplaceable treasure, and also serves as a great opportunity to observe the child’s talent development. Like illumama Shan Shan, seeing her daughter Agnes dancing with a heart-melted smile inspired her to realize Agnes’ outgoing personality and drove her to find related activities to nurture Agnes’ talent.

With several trials, Agnes expressed her deep devotion in dancing and began her dancing journey at Jazz Ballet to unleash her dancing talent. As time goes by, she has gained numerous performance chances, unveil utmost confidence.

When music is on, a little ballerina, Agnes fills with energy and grooves in the melody. Witnessing Agnes’ genuine satisfaction during dancing, it is also the most contented moment that Shan Shan ever had. ILLUMA® HUMAN AFFINITY® Formula shares the same idea with every illumama, together strive to help children to grow naturally to unleash innate infinite talent.

Inspired by Human Milk, Science to Unleash the Innate Talent.

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