A Day with illumama

Developing his interests and expanding his potential makes an aspiring biologist.

Illumama Alice, like all professional women, is not just adept at interpersonal skills at work, but also has her own tactics when it comes to raising her two ‘dinosaur experts’ at home. Alice’s sons are deeply interested in dinosaurs and wildlife. Quinton, the elder brother aspiring to be an archaeologist, sometimes amuses his mother with his expansive knowledge in animal terminology and habits.

By reading with Quinton and visiting the zoos with him around the world, Alice arouses Quinton’s curiosity and inspires him to be perceptive in learning new things. What an amazing imaginative journey it must be for Quinton! And now, he proactively asks Alice to bring him to Africa to experience the wilderness there. Meanwhile at home, he is also Professor Dinosaur, proudly passing his knowledge of the species to his parents and younger brother.

Inspired by Human Milk. Science to Unleash the Innate Talent.

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