A Day with illumama

Communicate with respect to unleash the potentials

Being a working mother, Marina has to communicate with different stakeholders at work while at home she needs to talk to her daughter, Noelle, and teaches her with patience, so as to understand what she thinks.

Like other working moms, though Marina is busy for work and family, she understands a good parental relationship takes time to build. She treasures every moment spending with Noelle. She remembers her daughter used to like princess figurines. After some observation, Marina discovers that Noelle has a passion for marine life, especially sharks and whales in which she can remember different species and special features!

Marina also cannot explain what changed her daughter’s mind. However, when she sees Noelle’s joy and curiosity looking at the sea animals and how eager she wants to read and learn more about the ocean, she understands that children should be able to develop and grow upon their interests. Even till now, Marina would spend family time at the aquariums and at the sea, in the hope that Noelle can learn more about the ocean animals through the process, so as to unleash more of her unknown interests and talents.

Just like Marina and Noelle, enjoy every heart-warming moment and witness child’s growth. ILLUMA® HUMAN AFFINITY® Formula shares same idea with every illumama, together strive to safeguard children’s health to unleash innate infinite talent.

Inspired by Human Milk, Science to Unleash the Innate Talent.