A Day with illumama

Be inseparable and engage the child emotionally to unleash the talent

Since Airton’s birth, illumama Emily has spent most of the time looking after his son. The little son inherits his mom’s immense interest in drawing and the movies. Seeing this, Emily cannot only keep her interests, but also treat Airton as her movie and drawing buddy. Don’t overlook their mutual companionship. Airton can exercise his imagination with crayons, while the mom and the son can spend lots of quality time together. Absolutely a great way to nurture your young children.

Despite his young age, Airton is always curious about characters in movies. Instead of restricting his creativity, Emily and her husband patiently guide Airton to reflect on how he feels towards the characters, hoping to enhance the young child’s capability in expressing his emotions and inventing an emotionally engaging narrative of his own in the future.

ILLUMA® HUMAN AFFINITY® Formula strives to safeguard young children’s health and unleash their innate talent together with illumama.

Inspired by Human Milk. Science to Unleash the Innate Talent.

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